Artemis Electronics Joins High Impact Portfolio

High Impact Portfolio identifies Louisville’s top fast-growth companies

LOUISVILLE, KY (April 18, 2013) – Artemis Electronics, a military electronics repair facility and manufacturer, was recently named to the High Impact Portfolio as one of the top fast-growth companies headquartered in the Metro Louisville region. EnterpriseCorp, the division of Greater Louisville Inc. – the Metro Chamber of Commerce that specializes in developing the region’s fast-growth entrepreneurial sector hosted a special reception to name 11 fast growth companies to its High Impact Portfolio and present each with the prestigious High Impact Award. GLI President & CEO Craig Richard and EnterpriseCorp Executive Director Bobby Ferreri were on hand to showcase the companies that represent the significant contributions, innovations and energy of the fastest growing companies headquartered in the region.

“Fast growth companies are a significant driver of our community’s economic growth and that means jobs,” said Richard. “he majority of our jobs are created by young companies and our efforts to strategically develop these companies better positions Greater Louisville for sustained growth and gives us the opportunity to help grow our next large headquarters company.”

“We are honored to be included with this group of companies, and given the distinction as a member of the High Impact Portfolio,” said Dean Dickinson, founder and CEO.

The High Impact Portfolio strives to nurture the prosperity of Greater Louisville’s growth businesses. Initiated in 2004, the program identifies companies meeting specific criteria, which are then named to the High Impact Portfolio.

Collectively, High Impact Portfolio companies represent $2.7 billion in annual revenues; have a 36 percent average growth rate; have created nearly 3,500 new jobs in our region; and have invested $464 million over the last four years.

About Artemis Electronics

Artemis is a Small Business, located outside Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) of military electronics, as well as small run manufacturing and new design engineering services.

About the High Impact Portfolio

The High Impact Portfolio is a public/private partnership, administered by Greater Louisville Inc. through its EnterpriseCorp that identifies and serves the needs of fast growth companies, companies with the potential for fast growth and those companies that enable growth in others. Program services include peer learning, talent recruitment, growth capital access and expansion planning. The Portfolio includes companies of these types headquartered in Louisville that have a disproportionately higher impact on the metro area economy through job and wealth creation. For more information, visit